Be a Good Change. 

So, in case you read this and you are in my Facebook list and the crazy Sarahah madness wave is still on, I am most probably one of those people who have sent you an anonymous message. I promise it was a good one. 

So, it’s almost mid-August and this madness of anonymity has taken over, especially in India(not sure about the other countries, honestly). You download this app(or not download it), to send messages to people, anonymously. I mean, it’s fun for a while and then, it’s all bore(since I only got 4 messages). And now this new thing of sharing those messages with everyone on your social media again, just to bring it out, what people think of you, is a #Trend in itself.

So, in this dark world of anonymity, I thought of making a small contribution myself. So, amist all the messages you(who is in my facebook friend list) might have received a message among many(hopefully), praising you of either beauty or your brains or both, I am one too. 99% chances are that you got an honest message; I said what I genuinely felt. For that 1% of good words that were written just for making a person smile, I did it because I felt you should genuinely have that maybe short  but hopefully worth it moment of happiness

For once acting on  Be the change you wish to see  felt like a Done, Tick this off the Checklist to my always-wishing-to-do-something-different curiosity.   

I hope you were one of those few whose Sarahah handle I could get hold of. 

In case you have any words for me(good or bad), please feel free to either comment on this or send a personal mesaage to me on Facebook.  

No Sarahah for me(anymore).


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