I need inspiration to write. And the title of this post is my inspiration for this one.

So, in case you have read my last post, you will know that I really wanted to start practicing what I had learned, real soon. I know I was in a haste which wouldn’t work. Anything that you start with, it all takes time. I don’t know why I thought otherwise with this. I thought, now that I have a degree, people will just start calling and taking sessions from me. I’ll be busy atleast 3-5 days a week. I have started to understand the reality of it all now. But, this post is about what actually happened after I was done writing my last post. 

I got a call the next day I posted my last blog. From a lady saying she wants a session and wanted to come the same day. I agreed and gave her a session in the evening. After an hour of getting the call from that lady, I received a message from one my tutors of this therapy saying he wanted to come for a session as well. I gave him a session the same day too. 

I didn’t earn much but it was my first ever earning. I gave it to my parents. They felt proud of me. I felt proud of myself. And since that day, I can feel it in me, the change. I can feel the change in my parents, how they treat me. I am not a kid to them anymore. I am a 22 year old now. The realisation has started to set in them as well as me. I am sure we will only make progress from here. 

Not sure what the future holds. I am working hard for it now. Leaving it all to the universe.

Oh, wait, the Universe! You are still thinking how is it all connected? Here is my thought-

A few days ago, I sat in a puja (we Indians have it quite often) called Rudra Puja. It’s been over two year since I last attended one. I was really glad to sit through it all and be in that aura. Now, there is a thing called Sankalpa which means submitting to the universe whatever your desires are. So, that’s what I did. I submitted my thoughts and wishes to the universe. While writing that post, I did that again, without even realising it. I submitted my biggest wish into the universe and trusted the universe with it and then forgot about my wish. And within 24 hours I could see the power of it, the beauty and magic of it. 

So, I just wanted to send a Thank You out in the Universe for being so gracious towards me. 

P.S. I am trying to share all my positive thoughts from now on as much as possible as I am done having/sharing the negative ones. 


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