BCST. Graduation. Change. 

(Ignore the background of this picture. I love myself in this one. Thus, this was the one I uploaded.)

I am finally a certified Craniosacral Therapist. At last. Phew. Man, these past two years were a task. Managing to complete this course along with my basic graduation course was almost like a task for me. I mean, sure, I enjoyed going to these classes, meeting the people who were my classmates and seeing how I changed from being a 19 year old to a 22 year old. Things have had a major shift in life. But I am glad to be finally done with this one.

Besides this, I am also studying my main degree of becoming an Ayurvedic Doctor which is not easy. It’s a degree to be a legit doctor (in India at least). It’s no joke to finish this degree. And trust me, I am waiting, counting days really, for it to be over and done with. 

I know it’s going to be hard to find people for this therapy. But, it’s okay. I don’t know why but recently I have been feeling this calm in my head that I don’t need to panic about everything; somethings will happen themselves. Not everything needs to be run after for. 

But I feel bad for not being able to do much things a lot of times. For example, I really wish to practice not just to make people experience this therapy but also to earn so I can finally take my parents out for dinner with the money that I earned. I really want to do that. But seeing how things are right now, I know it’s going to be a while before that dinner happens. So, it’s okay. I’ll wait.

I guess I sometimes feel bad about the fact that people my age all around me are earning and travelling and experiencing new things and taking their parents out for lunch and dinner. Yet, here I am, not doing anything, not earning, not getting anywhere. It’s frustrating and upsetting. But all I can do is wait; be patient. 

I hope things turn out fine. 


Now, taking a look at the good things in between all the negative thoughts.


(Ignore how blurry this image is. The graduation was a small and private event. Thus, no professional cameras. Had to make do with the phone cameras.)

Meeting these beautiful souls has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I am so glad and blessed to be sharing the same frame with these amazing souls. A picture with my classmates as well as my tutors.


(Ignore the blurriness of the image, again.)

This is the image of me receiving my certificate. This is my first degree after graduating high school. So, its a very special moment of my life.


And this! There was a lot of food but this table was everyone’s favorite. It’s chocolate. It had to be.


Keeping all the sad, depressing, negative thoughts aside; I am glad this therapy, these people, this beautiful experience happened to me.


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