Can anyone tell me how to make friends? Because I sure have no idea.
Okay, so, here’s the thing. I am not a needy person, not most of the time at least. And it’s not like I don’t have anyone to pour my heart out to because I have that too. But, you need people around you; friends. I have never been a friend person I guess. Not because I never liked or wanted friends, but because I could never have them stick around for long. I never had constants. 
If anyone who has been a friend to me once and is reading this, please share with me what made you drift away from me?
No no, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t the kid who sat alone during lunch breaks. I had friends in school. But, school ended and so did my bond with them. I know you’ll think, maybe I didn’t try to keep in touch. Well, you see, that’s where you are wrong. I tried plenty! I mean, even today, more than 4 years since school has ended and I still text them every once a while. And that’s the sad thing; their replies. I feel like they don’t wish to have that friendship or whatever we had, back again in their lives.
Does it happen with you too? Texting people up hoping to catch up wih an old friend but getting super disappointed by their ways of replying and reactions?
I wasn’t a bad kid in school. Not in my behavior, not that bad academically either. Still, no friends from school. Sure, I do get a reply from a person or two once a blue moon. But that’s the thing; they are replies. I have never seen an initiative conversation with someone for a real long time now. Wander why that happens. I seriously wish to get an answer to this one.
Anyway. Thank you for reading this. This was a much needed rant. And if you made it reading this far, please feel free to consider this as a way of letting you know, I am here in case you need friend. 
Oh, also, still not able to write atleast a 1000 words long blog. Just, keeping you updated. 


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