Searching for a Pen Pal.

I really wish to have a pen pal(or whatever an Email feiend is technically called). Not because I don’t have anyone I can share my thoughts with. No no. Don’t get me wrong here. I do. He is my soul mate, my best friend. I have just wanted to have a friend like that. Someone whom I know just for their name. Someone I have never met and might just never meet. Someone whom I know things about. I really wish to get to know someone, who they really are on the inside, share all that they wish to, without feeling judged.

Is it a usual thing for people to know people for their story? I want that. I want to know people for the experiences they had, for the tears they shed, for the moments that made them laugh and everything that led up to making them who they are today.
I love writing letters and mails, you know. I feel Whatsapp has almost ruined the art of writing. People forget grammar, write one sentence, one word or even one alphabet to say things. I am a Handwritten Letter or an Email person. I love writing and receiving real long letters and mails with someone’s heart poured out in it. I have never had such a letter or mail; not yet. Hopefully soon. Maybe.

Now, I know you just might think, wow, that’s creepy. I mean, who asks for a friend online, like this, through a blog. Well, just to clarify, I am not asking for a friend because I have none myself; I am asking for a friend who wishes to have a friend, who wishes to talk their heart out without feeling like they would be judged for it. Because I know how people sometimes feel they need to hide certain aspects of their life from people around them as they have to spend their lives with them or around them. So, being judged by such people just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes, it’s the fear of losing someone in case you confess your deep dark stuff. I mean, the reasons could me many for one to not share something. And I understand that.

So, if anyone wishes to talk, just send me a mail using the Contact Me page on this blog. Please don’t forget to write your name, your email id and your home address in case you wish to write hand written letters, and your interest of being a pen pal(or email pal) in the email.

Hope to get atleast one Pal out of this.

All the best with your life, dear reader!



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