Clearing my head. Becoming a Motivational Writer.

Sometimes I really wish to write some real and honest motivational stuff. Thoughts that go on in my head almost everyday about how I can focus more, how I can improve. A lot of thoughts I have. But I can’t get the strength to share them. Why you ask? Because I can’t follow any of those thoughts myself. I mean, for a person who can’t abide by their own thoughts, how can such a person share motivational stuff for others to follow on? It won’t be honest. But sometimes, I feel I should. I mean, the whole world lies and cheats in every way and on every thing possible. And technically, I won’t even be lying. I mean, the thoughts sure are honest. I won’t be saying anywhere that I follow those too, unless I genuinely follow something. So, basically, I am just sharing my thoughts, with whosoever is reading this. That’s not a bad thing, I guess.

Okay, too many clustered thoughts in my head right now. Need to get them straight.

So, what motivational stuff should I write about? Should it be about all the things that I don’t follow? Damn, that could be a long list. Or should I write about things that I do follow. Nope. That’ll make just about two lines, barely. So, what should I do? How about I write a mix of them both and well, not tell you what I follow and what I don’t. You can guess if you wish, follow some of the thoughts/ ideas if you feel like, and, well, let’s give it a shot then.


You are the best version of yourself. Even if you don’t believe it, it is true. No one can achieve the things that you can. So, go for it. Believe that you can.


It’s okay if you can’t draw. I personally am horrible at it even after being a medical student. But, no one will look at it except you. So, draw your heart out. Draw that you wish to achieve. All the things that will make you feel like you made the changes you wish for right now. Draw an image of that and put it somewhere that you can easily look and remind yourself often about. This is one of the best sources of motivation you will find.


You don’t need to make major changes and go from a lazy ass to keeping yourself drowned in work within a day. Take baby steps. Start with one small change a week. Make a small but important change in your day, like, waking up early, on specific time, every single day. And follow it through for a week. Then, add another thing to it and follow them both for the next week. And continue so. And within a month or two, you will have all the basic and desired changes that have been keeping you from becoming the hard working person you were all along.


No matter what anyone tells you, you will always listen to only yourself at the end of the day. So, do that! No one will stop you. No matter how many posts you read, how many videos you watch, you will relate to them, but you will never follow them because everyone has different methods. Not everyone is the same. So, find your methods. Take inspiration and change them to fit according to what you will be able to follow and make yourself improve with and just do it.

Wow, this was a long one. I honestly do not remember the last time I wrote so much just in one go. Huh, I guess I really did have too much in my head.

If you read this and wish to share any thoughts about it or point out any typos or grammatical errors, please feel free.

Thank you for reading.

Hope you find your inspiration and are able to inspire others real soon!





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