Wow, it’s difficult.

I loved to pen down my thoughts of some eventful day or anytime when I had a lot of thoughts going on. But suddenly, its not so easy anymore. I wish to write; write so much about so many things and yet here I am, completely blank about what to write.

Sometimes, I sit to write with too many thoughts in my head and after just 4 sentences, I run out of perfect sentences and all I am left with are those 4 lines which I keep editing thinking something new might come to me after making such major change. Though, those ‘major changes’ are hardly a change honestly.

Another problem with me is, I can’t write big paragraphs. I change lines after every few points or thoughts.

I seriously don’t understand how these people write novels. Damn. Serious respect. I mean, here I am, someone who can’t even follow a particular writing style and these people end up writing 400+ pages within days.

I don’t think it’s a writers’ block that I have or suffer from now and then. I feel more like someone who wishes to write but struggles to find the right kind of words. It happens even while I talk sometimes. The miscommunication. I always wish to say something and my choice of words always creates a mess of the whole situation by choosing the worst words put together in a very delicate situation. I can’t even tell you how many relationships I have ruined because of this.

In hopes that this will improve and I am able to write, I have decided that I’ll write one post in a few days instead of posting a different blog every single day.

So, in hopes that I am able to write a blog within the time frame and post something soon, I’ll end this one.


2 thoughts on “Wow, it’s difficult.

  1. Pride of the gypsies says:

    Really love your blog, simply because you aren’t writing it to be famous and you aren’t sharing it on any fb or Twitter. You’re just pouring your heart out. And that is always amazing to read.


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