A little more about Me.

I love seeing new places. I love meeting new people. I love trying new food and places every single time. I am very concerned about what other people might think in matters that no one gives a fuck about. I am a confused soul. I have a very restrictive family which turns out has helped me save myself from some real horrible situations. I am a pessimist. I am very impressionable. I can’t stick with something for a long time. I keep changing my interests, views and thoughts way more often and easy than one really should. Yet, in matters of love, I can’t betray someone I love and never cheat on them. 

My new found interest these days is clicking pictures. I love to click pictires of food, people, nature. I love editing them. Here are a few pictures that I have clicked in the past few weeks and I really wish to share them. 

I started doodling a little recently. Even though I am horrible at it, I like to spend my time like that instead of checking my Instagram and Facebook feeds these days. I have started buying novels again to get back with my love of reading. 

One of the few things that has still stuck with me, after all these years are food, reading and music. I still wish to learn to cook more and new and be better at it. I still love buying new books and reading them too. I can’t read E-books. I still wish to learn and finiah my last year degree in Indian Classical Vocals. 

I am a lerson who is constantly changing and little by little getting better and evolving. There is still a long way for to go, learn, experience and live. A part of which I really wish to share with the world using a few words and images. 


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