First Post. Everything Random.

I have never been much of a philosophical person. I am a confused soul. Ask me anything related to life, family, friends, relationships and you’ll always get the same answer from me, “I don’t know”. Sometimes, giving this answer works in my favour and I don’t have to do much. But sometimes, well, most of the times, it makes me end up in a situation of getting a real long lecture from the person who cares. 

Does it happen with you too, being so clueless about your life and decision making process in phases of your lives?

I have a clue about where I am going in my career and yet, at times, I am in this strange zone of not having a clue whatsoever. Damn, that’s annoying. And that’s the sole reason of my lack of motivation and cause of procrastination in life.

I love to travel, be out of the house, see new places, try new food. I want new all the time. Actually, that’s just not me. Most people want something new after a while. That’s how we humns are. But, that makes it so difficult to live life by. I mean, how can you keep having new experiences and yet wish for stability in life? Ugh, not only is it so confusing, it’s vey difficult to wrap my head around even as a 22 year old.

Yes, I am 22 and my life is still as clueless as it can be. But atleast I am able to admit it. I am glad about it.

So, I’ll end my posts on a strange note; an abrupt ending. Why you ask? Oh, no philosophical answers. I told you I am not that person. I can’t find endings to whatever I write. Always been an issue with me. I’ll start and then I’ll want something else so, I’ll end it abruptly and start with the new. That’s my kind of writing style. Strange and yet, not so strange at the same time.


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